Friday, 18 March 2011

Final Peer Feedback

1) Describe the type of camerawork which has been used? Do you think it is effective?

Handheld- effective because it created a sense of urgency. God range of shots, e.g. wide shots, close ups etc.
Long shot, jumping forward in time.
A lot of moving camera shots, long shots created a good range of views for the different locations.
Good use of track shots throughout , helped covey the locations.

2) What type of sound has been used?

Music soundtrack- some of it went well with the visual but out of times where there was action the music was slow.
Sound is good, music fits well and there is screen.
The mix of music and sound was well balanced.
Strong use of non diegetic sound had no dialogue just the soundtrack, no talking throughout and the backing song helped to create a mysterious atmosphere.

3. How has the mise-en-scene been constructed?

Props- masks help portray the thriller genre.
Location- helped create tension and again portray the genre.
The use of masks allows characters with out revealing to much and this portrays the psycological genre.
Very few props used apart from essential like weaponery (Axes) , and clothing such as masks. The few props shows the thriller genre well.

4. What editing techniques have been used?

Jumps cuts. Helping the viewer to follow the plot. Discolouration conveys both protagonist and antagonist.
The colour filter was used and gave good effects along with the music.

5) Can you think any constructive criticism?

You didn't have credits which are normally in opening sequences:
some of the continuity could of been better
the title was very professional and good transitions
Too many locations and scenes
Make some of he editing as if it is more effective such as better slow during the cutting to speed crossing the field.

6) What was the most effective element of the production?

Mise-en-scene worked very well.
Continutiy in house worked well
Scream really good
Good narative.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sunday, 13 March 2011

'Hunted' Title

Above is a rough cut of what could be used in our opening sequence when the title appears on screen. This idea shows dark and basic colours to fit in with our genre and storyline, it also has the song that we have decided to use as our soundtrack. The use of effects were used in a minimalist way to give the title a more eerie feel.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Soundtrack for our main theme

As our main theme is thriller we feel that the chosen soundtrack 30 seconds to Mars - Hurricane is a great way to portray our genre. The elements in our thriller "Hunted" link to the music as it gives a sense of errie and mysteriness.

Movie Poster

External Peer Feedback

The feedback we received externally we felt could of gone into more detail for example sound effects too loud - this doesn't tell us which clip or what. They outlines clear points of which we have clear solutions for which is the same as our internal peer feedback which shows similar points and clearly outlines how we need to improve. The following shows the pros and cons:


  • Good storyline
  •  Camerawork - upstairs and in mirror - good angles
  • Field - good jumpiness
  • Good continuous filming
  • Sound effects too loud
  • Hear people talking and laughing
  • Scenes are quite long - need to be shorter
  • Meant to be thriller - boys laughing
To conclude, as well as the various negatives of which have been highlighted to us there are also the similar positive feedback points such as; The good storyline, Good continuity and clearly including codes and conventions of the Psychological thriller genre.  furthermore, as its is only a rough cut we had the aim to 'cut out the laughter & talking', cut the scenes etc. So we are overall happy with our feedback, as we our confident we can iron out the few negatives of which our peers felt were present.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Rough Cut Feedback

Camera Work - A lot of variety of shots used. The shot in the field has along duration and may bore the viewer. There were also a lot of jump cuts that work well and are smooth. Match on action shots were used well.

Mise-En-Scene - They used good props to symobolize the murder, they used white masks and an axe which created a murderous feel to the character. The location was good because it represented the scheduled place and is empty which adds to the atmosphere.

Sound - No sound was used other than diegetic sound when filming and there was non-character diolgue because the cameraman was speaking in the background.

Editing - The transitions and continuity is good and runs smoothly.

 Our Coments;

We are overall happy with the feedback they supplied, highlighting our location and props were sufficient and helped creating our desired theme. Although we would like to point out there would be no diejettic sound exempt from the door slamming, and we would have a soundtrack over the top. Furthermore regretfully our 'murder scene'  was in fact missing from the rough cut.